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a critical piece is missing for Oracle MySQL 8 (GA) …

Oracle MySQL 8.0 has been declared GA but a critical piece is missing …
MySQL 8 is a fantastic release embedding the work of brilliant Oracle engineering.
I will not detail all the great features of MySQL 8 as there are a lot of great presentations around it.

One of my main concern regarding MySQL 8 is that it comes without an online backup solution. You only have access to online backup through MySQL Enterprise Backup that you get with a MySQL Enterprise Edition subscription. This is 5000 USD per server per year.So if you have 20 servers for 10 years usage of online backup you will give 1 million $ to Oracle

Of course at some point there might be a third party online backup solution available for MySQL 8. But writing this piece of code is tricky as MySQL 8 has introduced major design changes : disk format, innoDB data dictionary … Another practical problem is that MySQL is designed, developed and debugged behind closed doors. The third party cannot expect much help from Oracle to develop and fix its backup solution. The third party online backup solution can break following any upstream change done by Oracle. And I imagine that bugs in this area can be quite tricky to detect and fix without access to Oracle engineering !

Imagine the online backup bug happens after a security fix you have to apply to be compliant. You have the dilemma : being compliant but loosing online backup capability or being uncompliant and having online backup. The third solution is of course to pay Oracle to have access to closed source MySQL Enterprise which includes MySQL Backup.

MariaDB comes with a solution by having a bundled online backup solution on which it has full control and that does not depend on MySQL upstream code. This is the benefit for MariaDB to be a true fork ;-)

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