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Using the google graph API with MySQL stored functions    2009-02-21 Walter Heck
Extending vmplot    2009-03-31 Ronald Bradford a useful tool for MySQL performance tuning    2009-03-30 BigDBAHead
Explaining InnoDB graphs for MySQL Administrator    2007-11-07 Corrado Pandiani
bencher - a benchmarking utility for MySQL Cluster    2009-03-01 Johan Andersson
Why is everybody so steamed about a benchmark anyway?    2009-06-24 Justin Swanhart
What?s the best way to choose graph colors?    2008-03-23 Baron Schwartz (xaprb)
Google Charts for DBA: Tablespaces Allocation    2009-02-15 Alex Gorbachev
Generic auto scaling scaled SQL graphs    2009-07-27 Shlomi Noach
Grouping by Arbitrary Time Ranges (Graphing What You Can See)    2009-10-30 Mark Leith
Some fun with R visualization    2012-02-23 MySQL Performance Blog
Bar Graphs with MySQL    2006-11-22 Mike Kruckenberg
Performance analysis with mycheckpoint    2009-11-12 Shlomi Noach
Munin monitoring and system graphing tool    2007-04-30 Ask Bjørn Hansen
Cassandra and Ganglia    2010-09-03 Dathan Pattishall

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