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Nice BTRFS webinar by Oracle

Last week I followed an very interesting ORACLE webinar delivered by Chris Mason : The State of Btrfs File System for Linux
BTRFS was initiated by Chris Mason who used to be responsible for Reiserfs at Suse and now works for Oracle. The first release started in 2007. BTRFS has been merged into Linux kernel in 2009. Now there are developers from REDHAT, INTEL SUSE, IBM, HP … storage vendors. The project is very active. Ubuntu is considering to use it soon as its default filesystem. BTRFS is licensed under the GPL license. An interesting to read short summary of the life of BTRFS : A short history of BTRFS


Solutions Linux / Open Source 2010

Last week Solutions Linux / Open Source event was held in Paris.

Kuassi MENSAH (Head of Product Management Database Technologies, Oracle Corporation) presented the open source Oracle strategy. Linux, MySQL, virtualization, GlassFish, Eclipse, dynamic scripting languages ,… etc . It was well received by the audience. Knowing that MySQL organization will be kept safe in Oracle is perceived as a nice move.

Florian Haas(LINBIT) gave a tutorial on DRBD and did some demos with NFS and video streaming. And of course he reminded people that now since Linux 2.6.33, DRBD is officially integrated into the Linux kernel source. DRBD making the push for mainline Linux kernel is going to make HA easier.