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10 Steps: MySQL Monitoring through Nagios: Install & Configure    2010-11-18 Kedar
How to Monitor MySQL with Percona Nagios Plugins    2012-02-23 MySQL Performance Blog
Galera Cluster Nagios Plugin    2012-09-14
Monitoring with Non-Obvious Nagios    2012-09-26 Sheeri K. Cabral
Nagios Monitoring    2009-02-06 Jeremy Andrews
Ethan Galstad Nagios Keynote    2012-09-26 Sheeri K. Cabral
Nagios Event Handlers - Love them    2009-09-09 Dathan Pattishall
Liveblog: Nagios and Another Layer of Indirection    2012-09-27 Sheeri K. Cabral
MySQL replication monitoring on Ubuntu 10.04 with Nagios and NRPE    2012-01-21 Greg Sabino Mullane

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