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Automating master failover is possible but needs care    2012-09-18 Yoshinori Matsunobu
MHA 0.54 and 0.55 continually active development    2013-01-08 Colin Charles
Installing MySQL MHA with Percona Server    2013-01-03 Ronald Bradford
MHA for MySQL 0.53 released    2012-01-09 Yoshinori Matsunobu
MHA for MySQL 0.52 released    2011-09-16 Yoshinori Matsunobu
MySQL-MHA: Support for multi-master configuration    2011-08-29 Yoshinori Matsunobu
Announcing MySQL-MHA: "MySQL Master High Availability manager and tools"    2011-07-23 Yoshinori Matsunobu
Install mysql-master-ha (MHA) on CentOS    2011-12-01 Mark Grennan
MySQL HA Agent Mini HowTo    2011-08-18 Gerardo Narvaja
A Glance at MySQL MHA    2011-07-28 Jay Janssen

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