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How to build an elastic MySQL database

MariaDB CONNECT Storage Engine

This webinar is a technical overview of the MariaDB CONNECT Storage Engine

The MariaDB CONNECT Storage Engine allows to access various file formats (CSV, XML, Excel, etc). It give access to any ODBC data sources (Oracle, DB2, SQLServer, etc). It also allows to access remote MySQL tables. A CONNECT table itself can be a set of remote MySQL tables. This opens the door to interesting distributed architectures that can help to address big data.

SQL requests can be executed in parallel against these CONNECT distributed tables

OpenSource Databases Security :

MariaDB CONNECT Storage Engine :

Advanced function of MSQL native Driver for PHP :

Monty presenting MYSQL / MariaDB story to EPITECH students

intro in french by me

MySQL MariaDB story par Epitech

Radio “Ici et Maintenant Podcast :

on MySQL/MariaDB (in french)

Photo avec Olivier Dasini - Christophe Villeneuve - Serge Frezelond

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