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MySQL 5.6 introduced GoogleTest C++ Testing Framework

MySQL 5.6 has introduced a new unit test framework beside the existing ones.
The googletest test framework is now part of the MySQL test framework for 5.6.
GoogleTest is a C++ Testing Framework that helps  write better C++ tests.

I realized that it was used when i tried to buid a MySQL release from sources on a fedora platform. I got the following error :

-- Googletest was not found. gtest-based unit tests will be disabled. 
You can run cmake . -DENABLE_DOWNLOADS=1 to automatically download and build required components from source.

I tried tu install the package through yum :

$ sudo yum install gtest

But it did not solve the issue. I had to run cmake to allow cmake to download the googletest sources so that it can be compiled within  the MySQL distribution.

-- Successfully downloaded
 to /home/sfrezefo/Downloads/mysql/mysql-5.6.8-rc/source_downloads

and then as usual :

sudo make install

Tests are a very fondamental element of MySQL to validate the compiled software behave correctly.
It is also very fondamental for developpers, contributor or people building MySQL on a specific platform or OS.
This is the only way to validate that there is no regressions on a particular platform.
If you fix a bug or if you develop a new functionality it is fondamental that all the tests go well.
Of course for that to work nicely all test cases have to be fairly released when bugs are fixed. 🙂

For a full description of all the components of The MySQL Test Framework :

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