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InfiniDB column store moves to open source ! Congrats !

Like TokuDB, InfiniDB is now a fully open source server product. In the past infiniDB was "almost open source". The open source version was an old release with no access to the advance functions like MPP multi-server execution. This is no more the case. With InfiniDB 4 the open source version is the latest release giving access to all the advanced functionalities.

This is a really great move for the MariaDB / MySQL ecosystem. InfiniDB and TokuDB were two unique pieces of technology in the MySQL ecosystem. Having them both open source will trigger a broader adoption that will benefit to their enterprise releases.

Having in the MySQL ecosystem a column oriented database specifically designed for big data analytics is filling a real customer need. Column stores overcome the query limitations that exist in traditional RDBMS. InfiniDB is extremely good at using multicore server and massively parallel processing with multi-servers. InfiniDB can scale up on multi-cores server and scale out on a distributed architecture.

So thanks a lot to the InfiniDB team for their move. This will greatly benefit to them and to the dynamism of the MySQL / MariaDB ecosystem.

InfiniDB community web site
InfiniDB 4 sources
InfiniDB Enterprise web site

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