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MariaDB CONNECT storage engine webinar / 7 Nov

This week I will have the opportunity to deliver a webinar on the MariaDB CONNECT Storage Engine.
The MariaDB CONNECT Storage Engine allows to access various file formats (CSV, XML, Excel, etc). It give access to any ODBC data sources (Oracle, DB2, SQLServer, SQLite etc). It also allows to access remote MySQL tables. A CONNECT table itself can be a set of remote MySQL tables. This opens the door to interesting distributed architectures that can help to address big data.
This webinar is a technical overview of the MariaDB CONNECT Storage Engine and it will show you typical use cases to help you get benefits from your existing data sources.
We will see how to use the MariaDB CONNECT Storage Engine.

Register for this webinar to learn what benefits you can get from the MariaDB CONNECT Storage Engine :
November 7, 2013 - 5 pm CET / 4 PM UTC / 8 AM PST Register

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