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MariaDB CONNECT Storage Engine and non MySQL syntax selects

When you pass a SQL command through MySQL it has to be compliant with MySQL syntax as it will have to go through the MySQL parser. Can we pass non MySQL syntax compatible selects to a target ODBC database ? MariaDB CONNECT Storage Engine allows through ODBC to access heterogeneous data sources like Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server.
In my previous post I showed you how to use the CONNECT Storage Engine ODBC table type to access an Oracle database. It was possible to run select commands against these remote ODBC tables. In many cases It would be very interesting to run the sql command directly on the target database.
The first reason would be for efficiency as this would avoid a lot of network roundtrips between the Oracle server and the MariaDB Server. The second reason would be to avoid the restriction on MySQL syntax compliance.

With the MySQL CONNECT storage Engine it is possible to define a remote ODBC table and to associate a SQL request to this table definition. This SQL request will be executed on the remote server. For example for a remote Oracle database it is possible to pass a request using proprietary syntax. In the case of Oracle suppose we want to use the Oracle proprietary "CONNECT BY" syntax that does not exists in MySQL, we will do it that way:

create table emp_hierarchy  
TABLE_TYPE=ODBC tabname='EMP' CONNECTION='DSN=orcl;UID=scott;PWD=manager1' 
srcdef='SELECT empno, ename, mgr, LEVEL FROM emp CONNECT BY PRIOR empno = mgr;';

The table definition includes a srcdef argument that defines the SQL request that will be executed on the Oracle target database. When we request this table on MariaDB everything is in fact done on the Oracle server.

MariaDB [test]> select * from emp_hierarchy;
|  7788 | SCOTT  | 7566 |     1 |
|  7876 | ADAMS  | 7788 |     2 |
|  7839 | KING   | NULL |     1 |
|  7521 | WARD   | 7698 |     3 |
43 rows in set (2.54 sec)
MariaDB [test]>

Beside this basic example this open the door to the ability to execute any select on the target database. This allows for example to take benefit of Oracle's In-Database SQL Analytics which includes a lot of powerful functions(Ranking, Windowing, Reporting Aggregates, LAG/LEAD, FIRST/LAST, Inverse Percentile, Hypothetical Rank and Distribution, Pattern Matching, Modeling, Advanced aggregations..). The same idea applies to powerful spatial or full text capabilities.
And do not forget that with the MariaDB CONNECT Storage Engine you can aggregate many of these table located on different server to be seen as a single table. For that you use the CONNECT TBL table type. This also gives the benefit of parallel execution on these remote servers.

What would be great would be to have someone write a MySQL procedure wrapper that transparently create the CONNECT table to run the query against(something like "callRemoteSQL") ;-).

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