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Since now on github is the place for MariaDB new dev !

Today while browsing through my emails I was very happy to read this email from Sergei Golubchik :

I'm happy to announce that MariaDB-10.1 tree has been completely migrated to github. Since now on
 we'll use github for the new development in MariaDB. It's, 
go on, fork it, hack around, submit pull requests. Have fun!
Older trees (10.0, 5.5, 5.3, 5.2, 5.1) are not on github - we do hope to migrate 
them too eventually, but at the moment they are still on launchpad.
If you're a maria-captain on launchpad - for you to get write access to the mariadb repository 
on github you need to tell me your github account name.
P.S.: Don't forget that 10.1 is still *pre-alpha*. You've been warned.
Mailing list:
Post to     :
Unsubscribe :
More help   :

So if you want to embark the MariaDB adventure
it is here :

Go on,
Fork it,
Hack around,
Submit pull requests.
Have fun!

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