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MariaDB Backup released

MariaDB Backup has been released with MariaDB Server 10.1.23. It offers support for #MariaDB Compression and Encryption on Linux and Windows Server.

MariaDB Engineering rocks !

This is different from Oracle MySQL were you have to have a commercial licence for your server to make backup with MySQL Enterprise Backup (MEB) 😉 MariaDB Backup is under GPL licence and can be used freely.

Of course there is the XtraBackup product but it is an extra project not part of the Oracle MySQL server codebase and not developed by the Oracle engineering team that drives Oracle MySQL . XtraBackup does not support Windows Server or MariaDB Encryption. MariaDB Backup is a fork of XtraBackup.

MariaDB Backup is Alpha maturity code which means it is OK for test but not recommended for production environment.

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