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Open Source Rocks …

My colleagues Luca Olivari and Anders Karlsson mentioned the importance of an ecosystem, open source or not.
I could not agree more.

One of the fastest growing open source ecosystem is currently the Android ecosystem.
Android also has a market place. Semantically, by the way there is a difference between a store (like Apple App Store) and a market 🙂
The Mobile O/S Percentage Gain for Nov/Dec is : +54,8% for Android, +20.1% for iPhone, and +19.0% for Symbian.
So Open Source definitely Rocks ... and as for benchmarks it is always better to have numbers to prove it.
The access to the Internet through smart phones is now 1,3% of all the accesses when it was 0.57 ten month ago, which might lead to an annual growth of more than 180%.
And if you can NOT view Flash-based pages with an iPhone on Android you can (almost, promised for first half 2010)!

On the Android, applications are developed in Java ans run through a specific Virtual Machine. I heard our jdbc driver does not work on Android because of the partial implementation of J2SE on Android. Anyone tried ? I know it does not make much sense to do client/server from a phone to a remote database.
Android uses Sqllite as its embedded database which is nice. But when it comes to central servers main usage is MySQL.
This move toward smart phone access to the Internet is certainly going to dramatically increase the use of relational databases.

All the numbers come from

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